About Dr Lynn Furber

Director: Dr Lynn Furber, PhD

I hope the next few paragraphs tell you something about me, which will encourage you to want to work with me.

When I asked my friends to describe me by make and colour of car I wasn’t expecting to be Herbie (as in goes to Monte Carlo; full of hidden depths and loyal), the Batmobile (superhero – shucks), or the Ghostbusters Ambulance (funny and a little nuts – hmmm. Weird I know. The one I liked the most was a VW Campervan, in green because I am (apparently), ethical, caring, accommodating, versatile, clever, and useful. Good to know, if you want to work with me. I guess.

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I became a qualified nurse in 1994. And eventually, specialised in cancer nursing. During this phase of my career, I managed a clinical trials research unit and a very busy chemotherapy suite.  Both of these units were situated in a large NHS teaching hospital in the East Midlands. In each of these cases, I was appointed to manage change and improve clinical services. 

Indeed, my clinical practice informed my PhD. I noticed through my work, that we need to get much better at communicating with patients. In particular, sharing difficult and sensitive information. So, I set out to conduct a study to help us achieve this. Part of the PhD was focused on the continued professional development of doctors and other healthcare professionals. Especially concerning improving communication skills. Hence, my work since has focused on training healthcare professionals on how to communicate for the better. And communication has also been a focus of further research.  

The PhD opened new doors. I worked as a Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor in Research and Innovation in a School of Nursing. It was here that I managed cancer and research modules and taught communication skills. In addition, I created bespoke training for Macmillan and Spire Healthcare. 

Certainly, my background knowledge and skills enable me to understand the benefits of change, quality improvement and evaluation. All to help people develop their capabilities and work towards sustainable transformation.

Please take a look at my publications page where you can find a list of my papers and my PhD Thesis

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Here I am now

Having had a successful and fulfilling career, I decided to fly solo and see what magic I could create. So, I set up Healthcare Communication Matters in November 2018.

Indeed, as a nurse, leader and academic, my skill set is immense.  I can help or support you:

  • With training and facilitation work in healthcare communication
  • Create bespoke e-learning and face to face courses
  • Develop/design and conduct research
  • With realist evaluation
  • Think about your impact strategy
  • Develop a research strategy and infrastructure
  • With writing educational blogs in healthcare communication

Fundamentally, my visions are to [1] Enable patients to have a voice and influence change in healthcare communication by helping healthcare professionals learn from their stories and [2] Work with professionals to improve the quality of person-centred care.

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Professional Qualifications

  • PGCert (Distinction)  – 2016, De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom
  • PhD – 2010, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • BSC (HONS) Clinical Nursing Studies with a specialty in cancer nursing – 2000, University of Central England,  United Kingdom
  • Diploma in Higher Education, 1994, University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
  • Registered nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, 1994, Staffordshire and Shropshire College of Nursing and Midwifery

Some additional qualifications:

  • Advanced Communication Skills Trainer, Christies Hospital Manchester
  • Foundation in Counselling Course, UHL
  • ENB 237, 998, 931, Shropshire and Staffordshire College of Nursing and Midwifery
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My Team

I mainly work alone, but I draw on people to work with me when needed. Throughout my career, I have developed a strong national and international network. Of course, they all have a range of expertise in health, education, social and organisational development. I love working with people.  But it is always fun to create new opportunities with others.

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