A range of courses in communications training to suite different learning needs and level of experience.

One to One Support

One to one support provides personalised support and guidance.  It is tailored to your specific needs and challenges.  The aim is to help people become more confident, competent and compassionate communicators. The focus will be in a work setting but the skills are transferable to your personal life.  ...
  • Vitual

Communication Skills Workshop for International Nurses

Our one day course aims to empower international nurses recruited to work in the UK healthcare system. We do this by enhancing their skills and confidence in communicating with both the public and their colleagues. One NHS Trust, for example, includes this course as part of their transition days to assist nurses in preparing for clinical ...
  • On location or online
Introduction to communication skills

Introduction to Communications course (online)

This introduction to communication skills course aims to empower you to have more effective conversations with your patients, their friends and family and your colleagues at work. In particular, the focus will be on understanding and appreciating communication skills and how to use them more effectively and efficiently. Communication i...
    Motivational interviewing

    Motivational Interviewing Training (in person)

    We have created a one-day, face to face communication skills workshop for those healthcare professionals to learn more about  motivational interviewing training. This evidence based course has been designed to help healthcare professionals, engaged in health promotion activities to communicate more effectively.  The course is ideal for ...
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    Group learning together

    Advanced communication skills course: Organisations

    This is a two-day advanced communication skills course, using a blended approach to learning.  It is an intensive course, designed around individual experiential and reflective learning.  Each participant is asked to consider a communication challenge they face in clinical practice and bring this along with them to the course. For some ...
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