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100% of healthcare professionals participating in our advanced communication skills training would recommend to other healthcare providers.

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What we can do for you

We specialise in designing and delivering evidence-based courses to help healthcare professionals improve their healthcare communications skills.  Our goal is to empower professionals with the tools they need to excel in effective and compassionate healthcare communications.

We become partners alongside healthcare organisations who are committed and dedicated to nurturing healthcare professionals to become mindful and reflective communicators. Through our communication skills training courses, who excel in providing person-centred care to those people accessing their services.

Consequently, both individuals and organisations can benefit from the training we offer.

Here are some examples of what we can do:

  • Deliver Advanced Communication Skills Training – find out more
  • Create bespoke communication skills courses for your organisation – find out more
  • Provide E-Learning courses in healthcare communication to individuals and organisations, which you can purchase from our website – find out more
  • Deliver a communication skills and motivational interviewing workshop – find out more
  • Share useful resources with you – find out more
Communication skills training
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How we can work together with patients, their families and friends

At some point in our lives, we all have experiences with healthcare, whether they be positive or negative. Sharing your experiences can help healthcare professionals improve their communication and provide more effective care to their patients. 

At Healthcare Communication Matters, we value your input and would like to hear about your experiences with healthcare communication.  By sharing your story, you can help healthcare professionals better understand your needs and experiences.  

Positive experiences may include feeling heard and understood, by someone who was compassionate and wanted to listen to you.  Negative experiences may include feeling ignored or dismissed. 

We encourage you to share your experiences, as they can provide valuable insights into what works well and what needs improving.  Our goal is to help healthcare professionals deliver the best care possible, and your feedback can help make that happen.

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Client Feedback

"A real career life enhancing experience"

A real career life enhancing experience which has provided me with the tools I can use in different situations to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. Amazing experience. Made me think outside the box. it made me reflect on past experiences and how to deal with future ones. (ACST course)

Allied healthcare professional, (2023)

"Challenging in the best possible way."

I would thoroughly recommend this course. It is challenging in the best possible way. To be able to examine my communication skills and practice situations for complex scenarios as well as observe and learn from each other was invaluable. The feedback given was so helpful and I will definitely feel more confident in my practice. (ACST course participant)

Allied healthcare professional, (2023)

"This course gives you skills for life"

The course gives you skills for life. It's challenging yet rewarding and takes place in such a supportive environment. Every healthcare professional from the top down should do it. (ACST course)

Critical care nurse, (2023)

"100% complete this course."

100% complete this course. Don't let the thought of role play put you off as it is a very informative and rewarding way of learning how to communicate effectively. (ACST course )

Allied healthcare professional, (2023)

"Unique course"

Brilliant, professional, unique course that has taught me useful skills and a real new insight. Increasing confidence and fantastic use of role play. (ACST course)

Lead speech and language therapist, (2023)


Testimonials have come from colleagues I work with, from people who have employed me to do consultancy projects for them and from patients and students.

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A little about myself

A little about myself

If you want to know more about me, please click on the About page or follow this link.

About Dr Lynn Furber

Patient Stories

Patients tell us in their own words what their healthcare experience in relation to communication was like. They provide key learning points they would like healthcare professionals and other patients to take away from their experience.

Latest Articles & Media

We provide education and informative blogs for patients and healthcare professionals to read. Additionally, we may link to interesting stories or articles we have found.

Patient Story
  • 1 May 2024
  • Communication Skills

An Unsettling Ultrasound Experience: A Patient’s Perspective

By Dr Lynn Furber
A candid account of her negative experience during a medical procedure.  She conveys feelings of confusion, discomfort and a lack of empathy from the staff involved.
  • 30 April 2024

Patients control what they do or don’t do with information

By Lynn Furber

patients control what they do or don’t do with information and will try and manipulate their consultation experiences to meet their needs.

  • 19 March 2024

Misunderstanding between hysteroscopy and a hysterectomy

By Medical Student

In this blog, a medical student reflects on a serious incident he witnessed during a Gynaecology placement. He observed a conversation between a patient (waiting to have an operation that morning) and

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