Patient Stories

Healthcare professionals are always keen to learn how patients and their carers and family experience healthcare. With this in mind, we want you to share with us your stories.  In particular, we want to hear about positive and negative experiences related to communication. Here is a sample of stories patients have shared with us. If you would like to learn more and share your story, you just need to click the ‘submit a story’ link below to find out more and to complete the form, which is ready and waiting for you.


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World Hearing Day

To celebrate World Hearing Day we share some personal stories about poor communication and hearing loss.
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Losing Carol: my sister

Lynn invited me to write my reflections down to help me with my grief, following the death of my sister Carol.  I can't tell you how much this exercise has helped me.
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Facilitating shared decision making

Maintaining life is paramount.  But sometimes we have to listen to the voices of patients and find out what they want.
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Loss of Speech: Abi’s story

Abi continues her story of anorexia and how it led to her experiencing a loss of speech when she felt most vulnerable.
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Anorexia was taking my life

Abi shares her story about how the doctor communicated with her when she was nearly dying with anorexia nervosa.
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Oral Cancer: A polarisation of care

Laura describes the devastating impact one clinical team had on her perception of care and life and the brilliance of her second care team who turned her world around.
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Miscommunication: Alison’s Story

Alison describes her experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer and how miscommunication led to great psychological distress.
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Breast Cancer: Sarah’s story

Sarah was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive breast cancer. She shares with us the difficulties she faced when no one was coordinating her care.
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