Advanced communication skills training: Individuals

Poor communication

About the course

This is a two-day workshop, using a blended approach to learning. We will look at communication skills and communication strategies which you can apply in a safe and supportive learning environment with us, and ultimately use in your clinical practice. The workshops are delivered in Stafford, Staffordshire.

Our training includes:

  • 2- day experiential workshop: using application, practice and feedback
  • Online reflection for organisations who select this package: one month post course for up to an hour per group, to help consolidate learning.

Key topics

  • Cover evidence-based skills and principles to effective communication.
  • Discuss everyday challenges to communication and blockers to communication.
  • Discuss facilitative skills to communication.
  • Individuals take it in turns to practice key skills and strategies and receive constructive feedback using the principles of ALOBA (agenda-led outcome-based analysis).
  • Transfer session where we consider what skills people will plan to use in practice.


We believe that all healthcare providers deserve to be awarded the opportunity to develop their communication skills and won’t distinguish between grades and level of experience. Ideally, though participants will have done an introduction to communication skills, but it is not essential.

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  • Date

    11th and 12th October 2023
  • Location

    Stafford, Staffordshire
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