Training and Facilitation

We have a breadth of experience in regards to teaching and training, including:

  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • Basic Communication Skills
  • Cancer care, early detection, screening, survivorship
  • Advanced care planning
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Talking about death and dying
  • Empathy
  • Shared decision making
  • Research methods
  • Organisational development
  • Work based planning initiatives.

Bespoke training can be provided to meet the needs of your organisation.

Our expertise lies in communication skills training, where we use a number of tools and strategies to help healthcare practitioners communicate effectively with colleagues, patients and their families.  Our advanced courses are adapted from the Connected Program.

We have experience of teaching these skills to nurses, doctors and other allied healthcare professionals within the NHS, Independent Sector and Hospice Care in the UK and Internationally.

We are really motivated to learn what you need from us and will make that happen to a high quality.  We are really committed to ensuring our work has a sound outcome and will make a difference to your organisation or to individual participants. Our courses and training are evaluated continuously to make sure that we are responsive to change and to be adaptable where appropriate.

We are also able to offer lecturing support to Universities where appropriate, particularly in regards to healthcare communication.

As well as providing face to face training we hope to be able to introduce a range of online training and content, as we are mindful healthcare professionals in particular can’t always take time out of work for their continued professional development. Watch this space!

Becci, Chemotherapy Nurse, Bristol

Student feedback:
‘I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the course content and how much I feel I have benefited from attending. Although it wasn’t the most comfortable or easiest of courses, my confidence has definitely grown, which has been noted by staff and patients alike. Thanks to you and Martyn for your time and effort over those past two days.’