Impact Evaluations and Consultancy

As a researcher in academia, we were increasingly asked to demonstrate how the knowledge generated from our research contributed to change that was beneficial to others.  We also needed to show evidence that our work was achieving impact.   Similarly,  a number of other organisations in health and social care and education for example, are required to think about their strategies for impact and evaluate the contribution they make towards creating a beneficial change for others.

Sometimes bringing an outsider in can help you really think about:

  • What you are doing and why
  • The contribution and benefit your work is having on others
  • Ways of collecting data and measuring impact
  • Your impact strategy and how you might develop this further
  • How you can work towards applying for grants or awards

We can help you with these issues and tailor our support to meet your individual needs.

In regards to data our strength is in qualitative data collection and analysis, including semi-structured interviews, focus groups and informal sessions but we can also help you collate quantitative data.  The approach used will very much be determined by the needs of your organisation and aims and objectives.

An example of work conducted in this area to date, includes:

  • Leading an Impact group in an academic institution
  • Conducting a literature review on impact for a large organisation (in a specific field of clinical practice)
  • Helping a not for profit organisation review their impact strategy, data collection and analysis approach, analyse data, and help prepare an annual report and devise a plan for applying for and gaining a standard award in their respective field