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"Facilitation skills"

For what it’s worth I thought you had a fantastic rapport with the group which I think is so important but a rare quality. You were really composed and built up the scenarios with forensic focus. At the same time, you were on top of everything else i.e. who was engaging, who wasn’t as well as involving the participants so well. Fantastic, thanks again for asking me to be involved.


By Colleague

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"Incredibly grateful"

By Clinical Head of Department

I remain convinced that is because of what your course equipped me with and continue to be incredibly grateful to you for your help.

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By Occupational Therapist, 2023

I would say it is one of the most helpful courses to ensure a patient/relative or colleague is heard and that it enables you to be much more effective and efficient in practice.

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"Time to reflect"

It's unusual to have lots of time to reflect on your own practice, to learn and also to implement.  I appreciated this time out a great deal.

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