Supporting patients to be empowered

Friends and colleagues often ask me for advice about how to find (navigate) their way through the NHS. They may want to know how to chase up appointments or question the advice a doctor or nurse has given them. Other patients have told me that they don’t know if they can take someone with them to a consultation. Additionally, they don’t always know if it is okay to ask their doctors questions.  So, there is a real need to support patients to be empowered.

What I hope to do on this page(s) and through our blogs is share with you information that will help support you to get the most out of your interactions with healthcare professionals. Some of this information will come from research projects (with patients and doctors), and some will come from patient stories. Patients often say that it is useful to hear about other patient experiences and how they might learn from them.

There are various ways that we can support patients to feel empowered.

So, with these points in mind, there are two boxes you can click on below, which will take you to further information. One link provides you with information to help you get the most out of your consultations. The second link encourages you to share stories with us (good and bad) about how you feel healthcare professionals have communicated with you. I am going to use these stories to create blogs to help other patients learn from your experience. Additionally, stories will help with my teaching to train healthcare professionals on how to improve their communication skills.

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