Introduction to Communications course (online)

Introduction to communication skills

About the course

This introduction to communication skills course aims to empower you to have more effective conversations with your patients, their friends and family and your colleagues at work. In particular, the focus will be on understanding and appreciating communication skills and how to use them more effectively and efficiently. Communication is one of those skills that we can take for granted. Yet, we all communicate daily in many different ways and with various groups of people. For example, how you speak to a patient may differ from how you talk to your manager or a consultant. But we rarely consider how we communicate or how others perceive us when interacting with them. Yet, when you work with vulnerable people, you can make a significant difference in how they feel, how they interpret information and whether or not they can trust you. So communication should be taken seriously. Being mindful communicators enables you to have more meaningful, supportive and encouraging conversations with other people. When you achieve this, you can make a world of difference to your patients and enhance your relations with your colleagues.

Who is this course for?

This level 1 Introduction to Communication Skills course is designed for anyone who interacts with patients/clients/service users in a healthcare or social care setting and has no prior experience of communication skills training.  You may be a:
  • health care assistants,
  • students,
  • nurses,
  • allied healthcare professionals and
  • work in supporting role (i.e. administration, receptionist)

Why this course will help you

You will already be using a lot of the skills we cover, but you may not appreciate the significance of the skills you are using, or how best to use them.  This course will help you become a more skilled and reflective communicator, and will help you in your career progression.

Course objectives

In this course you will learn about and consider:
  1. What communication is
  2. Communication barriers
  3. Starting a conversation
  4. How to use verbal and non-verbal communication
  5. Strategies for effective listening
  6. Asking open or closed questions
  7. Unconscious bias

How our course works

  • Online
  • Take between 1-2 hours to complete
  • Certification
If you require any further information about the course or you are keen to block book the course for your team, please contact us via our website page or email:
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    This is an online learning course which you can access and complete in your own time. Once you have purchased a course, we will contact you and provide you with a unique link which will enable you to access the course.

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