Communication Skills Workshop for International Nurses

About the course

Our one day course aims to empower international nurses recruited to work in the UK healthcare system. We do this by enhancing their skills and confidence in communicating with both the public and their colleagues. One NHS Trust, for example, includes this course as part of their transition days to assist nurses in preparing for clinical work within the Trust.

Nurses are actively recruited from a wide range of countries, to work within NHS Trusts, here in the UK.

Consequently, this course has been designed to help international nurses develop their communication skills, to help them engage fully in their new roles.  One NHS Trust identified that often nurses from overseas find it difficult to:

  • Express themselves
  • To be assertive
  • Challenge clinical decisions
  • Ask questions and communicate their opinions to colleagues

With this in mind, this one day workshop aims to help international nurses enhance their knowledge and understanding of how clinicians communicate within the UK.  The main intention of the course is to help build the confidence of these nurses to communicate more effectively and efficiently within the clinical workspace.

Who is the course for?

Nurses and allied healthcare professionals who are recruited from overseas to work within the UK healthcare system.

Course objectives

  • To develop and practice effective communication skills to express thoughts and opinions clearly.
  • To consider predetermined perceptions and potential biases.
  • To develop skills necessary for confidently challenging clinical decisions.
  • To consider diverse ways in which healthcare professionals communicate with each other and interact with members of the public and how this might be different to what they are used to.
  • To practice in a safe environment how to be assertive and use effective and efficient communication skills.

The workshop is designed to facilitate experiential learning in a safe and supportive environment.

How our course works

The course has been designed to run as a face-to-face course but can easily be adapted for online delivery.

Participants of the course are engage in interactive exercises throughout the day and will have the opportunity to practice their communication during the workshop with an experienced role-player.

Booking a course

If you would like further information about this course, please contact us and we will arrange to talk to you about the course, at a mutually convenient time.  We can also, send you a course brochure and talk to you about course costs.

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    This course is designed to be a face-to-face course but can be adapted to be delivered online. For more information about the course please contact us.

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