Motivational Interviewing Training (in person)

Motivational interviewing

About the course

We have created a one-day, face to face communication skills workshop for those healthcare professionals to learn more about  motivational interviewing training. This evidence based course has been designed to help healthcare professionals, engaged in health promotion activities to communicate more effectively.  The course is ideal for small groups of approximately 8-10 participants.

Who is the course for?

Health care personnel involved in health promotion and behavioural change conversations with patients/clients.  For example, podiatrists, practice nurses, dieticians, occupational therapists and physiotherapists

Why this course will help you

Supporting clients to consider lifestyle choices that may impact their health can be challenging.  Clients can be in pain, feel frightened or be tired and this can affect how they respond to communication cues.  As health care professionals we can fall into the trap of dictating what lifestyle changes people need to make, which is likely to have little impact.  By helping people to take responsibility for their own health and lifestyle choices can be much more beneficial and lead to better longer term outcomes.  This evidence based course includes interactive and participatory exercises. This course aims to give you important, practical communication tips – a toolkit of skills – that you can take away and use in clinical practice to enhance your interactions with clients and enhance person-centred care.

Course objectives

To help us communicate effectively with clients/patients in relation to health promotion, we will explore in this course,
  • Blockers to communication
  • Facilitative communication skills
  • Motivational interviewing theory and application of skills

How our course works

If you are an organisation, you can contact us directly to discuss the delivery of a course to your organisation or team.  Alternatively you can email us at:    
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    Contact us if you are interested in organising this course for your organisation.

    The course is for a maximum of 10 people.

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