Advanced communication skills course: Organisations

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About the course

This is a two-day advanced communication skills course, using a blended approach to learning.  It is an intensive course, designed around individual experiential and reflective learning.  Each participant is asked to consider a communication challenge they face in clinical practice and bring this along with them to the course. For some people, the challenge might be about having a highly emotional conversation with a patient or having a difficult conversation with a colleague. Course participants will learn about facilitative communication skills and communication strategies, which they can apply in a safe and supportive learning environment with us.  Ultimately, they will apply these skills/strategies to their clinical practice. Each participant is allocated time to focus on their communication challenge. During this time, they are supported by their peers, who are encouraged to offer descriptive feedback using the principles of ALOBA to help target reflective learning.  Furthermore, they will work with an experienced role-player to help them get the most from their experience. The communication skills course ends with each participant listing the key skills they will apply to practice and how they intend to do this. Everyone is expected to participate in the course and must attend both days. We run some courses in house, but we often travel to different organisations to deliver these courses on their premises. Contact us to discuss your needs.  We have various options and can talk you through these and provide you with our costs.

Who is this course for?

This advanced communication skills course is ideally for healthcare professionals who are band six and above. Still, the skills used in this course benefit anyone.  So, we are open to discussing your needs and will work with people in lower bands. Ideally, participants will have participated in an introduction to communication skills course, to help them truly benefit from this course.  We do provide an e-learning introduction to communication skills course.

Why this course will help you

We have worked with a number of large organisations to deliver face-to-face advanced communication skills courses for their workforce, and they come back time and time again for me.  Our testimonials (on the home page) really demonstrate the range of learning people take away from the course. Course participants routinely say they wish they had completed this course sooner in their careers and recommend that all health care professionals attend.  Confidence grows, patients benefit from enhanced communication and hopefully disputes with colleagues can be addressed and negotiated.

Course Objectives

The aim of this evidence based ACST course is to enhance the communication skills of nurses, doctors and allied healthcare professionals. Course participants will feel more confident and skilled in communication, which will be reflected in their communications with patients, their families and colleagues. The course agenda is set by the participants and their learning needs, but they will learn,
  • To reflect on and critically appraise communication skills
  • To learn a range of facilitative communication skills and strategies
  • To experiment with a range of communication skills
  • To apply their communication skills and knowledge to a range of clinical situations
  • To provide constructive and supportive feedback to colleagues.

How the course works

  • Participants complete a pre-course workbook and survey
  • Attend and complete the two day course
  • Complete a post course survey and evaluation form
  • There is an option for us to follow up with participants 4-8 weeks post course. The aim is to help consolidate their learning.
If you require any further information about the course and want to discuss options with us, please contact us via our website.  Alternatively email us at:
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    This is a two-day workshop, using a blended approach to learning. We will look at communication skills and communication strategies which you can apply in a safe and supportive learning environment with us, and ultimately use in your clinical practice.

    We can travel to you, to deliver the workshops or we can use a training facility in Stafford.

    Contact us to discuss your needs and the cost of the course (we have various options).

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