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We work with organisations across the private, public, and social sectors, including charities and other not for profit organisations. Our knowledge in healthcare communication, research and education, enables us to take on your challenges and see them come to fruition.  We do this to help build your infrastructures and capabilities and vision for improved patient-centred care. Additionally, helping your staff learn and feel more confident in what they do is imperative to us. 

Furthermore, to enable our educational objectives, we are committed to learning from patients and service users. Consequently, we encourage people to share their stories with us so we can learn from positive and negative experiences. This supports our ultimate vision to enhance patient-centred care. 

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Continued Professional Development

We specialise in communication skills training in healthcare. Our particular specialism is in cancer and palliative care.

We work in partnership with organisations, to develop training that will benefit the needs and capabilities of their staff.

To adapt to the challenges of 2020, we have worked with healthcare organisations and universities to develop bespoke e-learning courses. But we do look forward to working with people face to face again in the not too distant future.

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Organisations have commissioned us to work on a diverse range of projects, both within the UK and in the US. Some projects have focused on developing infrastructures within organisations which will ultimately benefit patients and, users care. Whilst other projects have focused on healthcare communication research and the education and training of healthcare personnel.

Underpinning our work is the need to transform services and people, and in doing so, ensure their values, and principles are maintained.

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Consultation support tool

Consultation support tool

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A little about myself

A little about myself

If you want to know more about me, please click on the About page or follow this link.

About Dr Lynn Furber

Patient Stories

Patients tell us in their own words what their healthcare experience in relation to communication was like. They provide key learning points they would like healthcare professionals and other patients to take away from their experience.

Latest News

We provide education and informative blogs for patients and healthcare professionals to read. Additionally, we may link to interesting stories or articles we have found.

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