Communication skills training


Facilitated Courses for Organisations

We can provide a range of face-to-face or e-learning communication skills training to meet your organisation’s learning and development needs.  We primarily work with nurses and allied healthcare professionals.  Our advanced communication skills course is an established, well oiled course, adapted from the National CONNECTED course, but we can also provide bespoke training.

Introduction to communication skills

An introduction to communication skills is best suited to those practitioners who have not attended a communication skills course in the past or those who would like a refresher. These courses can help practitioners appreciate the importance and benefit of communication and enable them to be more mindful communicators.

Advanced Communication Skills

More experienced and senior clinicians might benefit more from advanced communication skills training.  This training helps us explore individual challenges to communication.  Participants can develop skills and strategies to help them overcome their challenges.

Our team understands the real-life challenges healthcare professionals face daily in their clinical practice. Most of us have worked as senior nurses in healthcare or worked as educators in healthcare communication for many years.

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‘I have learnt new ways of dealing with  situations.  Excellent course’

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‘The course was really excellent and through the role play scenarios with the group I feel this has helped me to improve and it has given me the confidence to put the skills into practice.’

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