Please find below a list of my publications and links which will hopefully take you to those publications.  I have also added a link to my PhD thesis.  The main reason this list of publications is provided is to demonstrate my experience and credibility in the field of healthcare communication.

Link to PhD Thesis at the University of Nottingham:

List of publications:

Norton, W., Furber, L. (2018) An exploration of how women in the UK perceive the provision of care received in an early pregnancy assessment unit: an interpretive phenomenological analysis. BMJ Open. 8:e023579.

Murtagh GM, Thomas AL, Furber L, (2018) Does the delivery of diagnostic news affect the likelihood of whether or not patients ask questions about the results? A conversation analytical study. Health Expectations. Open Access.

Furber, L. Murtagh, G. Bonas, S. Bankart, J. Thomas, A. (2014) Improving consultations in Oncology: The development of a novel consultation aid. British Journal of Cancer. 110, 1101-1109.

Furber, L. Bonas, S. Murtagh, G. Thomas, A. (2014) Patients experiences of an initial consultation in oncology: knowing and not knowing. British Journal of Clinical Psychology. 20(2): 261-273 (Abstract only unless you have Institution access)

Murtagh, G. M., Furber, L. and Thomas, A. L. (2013) Patient initiated questions: How can doctors encourage them and improve the consultation process? A qualitative study. British Medical Journal Open, 3 (10); 1-6.

Furber, L. Cox, K. Murphy, R. and Steward, W. (2013) Investigating communication in cancer consultations: what can be learned from doctor and patient accounts of their experience? European Journal of Cancer Care. 22 (5), pp. 653-662 (Abstract only unless you have Institution access)

Furber, L. Murphy, R. Cox, K. Steward, W. (2011) Enhancing communication in Oncology outpatient consultations: Critical reflections from doctors. International Journal of Medical Education. 2. 159-169

Brown, V. Parker, P. Furber, L. Thomas, A. (2009) Patient preferences for the delivery of bad news – Experience of a UK Centre. European Journal of Cancer Care, 20, 56-61 (Abstract only unless you have Institution access) Patient preferences for the delivery of bad news – Experience of a UK Centre.

Sharma, R., Furber, L., Granger, L., Symonds, P. (2003) Completion of the audit cycle: Standardised nurse-led information for patients. Postgraduate Medical Journal, 79 (937), pp. 652-654

National Reports

I was appointed to the role of patient representative to sit on the NHS England and NHS Improvement group to produce online consultation guidelines for primary care. Please see the final tool kit here